Results: Mooresville

Teamsmall_2The team had 4 riders representing at Mooresville, IN on April 20. Chris Newman started off the early day with 7th in the Cat 5 race. In the Mas 3/4, Craig Johnson rode strongly and jumped away with another rider with 2 to go but was reeled in and finised 6th. In the 3/4 race, Dan Penner and Mark Althouse rode solidly. After a few futile attempts, a good break finally formed and quickly got about 20 secs. Dan made multiple attempts to bridge but was frustrated by teams riding to protect the break. After a couple of visits to the front in the final laps, Dan finished 13th and Mark rolled in at 18th.

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Results: Hillsboro-Roubaix

Teamsmall_2 Hogan Sills gained a tough fought 2nd place in the Jrs race at Hillsboro, IL on March 29. Clearly riding strong and aggressively this Spring, Hogan is a rising young rider with great potential.

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Race Report: Hillsboro-Roubaix

Pellos_2 Well race fans, this past Sunday kicked off the season for Hogan and I. We ventured down to Hillsboro for what has become a hugely popular early season road race. Many of you may have ridden this course. I think it’s a bitch. Long and hilly; narrow, crappy roads and plenty of wind. I also think H-R is loads of fun. It’s the first serious race for many of us and the fields are huge.

Hogan’s Race was only 1 lap (22 miles) and both he and I felt pretty good about his chances. There were 20 riders in his field, which is decent for a junior’s field. Midway though the race a rider from the Baraboo Sharks team attacked. Hogan waited for a response and when none came, he jumped and bridged up, bringing two other riders with him. The foursome then settled in to a nice paceline and pulled away from the field. With two miles remaining the Baraboo Sharks rider attacked again, this time on the feed zone hill. He was able to open a little gap going into the final hill before the finish and Hogan was not sure he could close the gap and still have enough to sprint for the win. So he elected to save his strength and try to out sprint the other two racers for second place. He did just that and picked up a nice trophy and a little cash.

Now for my race, which did not turn out as well. I approached this race as a training race, nothing else. My fitness just isn’t there yet and was I knew I would not be competitive. I viewed the race a chance to dust off the cobwebs, test the legs a little and sharpen my pack riding skills.

I entered the masters 40+ event with a field of 75 riders. The race was 3 laps (66 miles) and I decided I would just ride in the middle to front 1/3 of the pack, to conserve energy. I also decided that I would conserve energy on the hills with a little trick I call "slip sliding". The idea is to start the hill near the front of the peloton and then climb a little slower than the others. At the top of the hill you hopefully have "slipped" back somewhere toward the middle of the pack. Well, on this day, at this race, my slip sliding strategy sucked! I was doing my thing on the last hill of the first lap and a couple of good size gaps opened up that I did not see. I could not close the gaps and now the leaders were getting further up the road. I was getting dropped. I joined three other riders and we spent the next 20 miles fighting to get back on. At one point, all four of us got DQ’d for crossing the center line of the road. On the backside of the course, on a one lane road, there is a sharp left turn at the bottom of a hill. Everyone’s line (peloton included) was the inside left edge. If you carry any speed into the corner (and it is tough not to on a decent) you must take the inside track, or you will run off the road. In retrospect, I think we got flagged (and the peloton did not) because we did not have a pace car in front of us and they considered our move dangerous. Anyway, let it be a lesson to all of us this year. Race organizers are strictly enforcing the center line rule after last year’s mishap in Peoria .

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